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Marriage and Family Counseling Kansas City and Paul W. Anderson, Ph.D. (913-901-9110) want you to have what it takes to save/improve  your marriage, including getting quality marriage counseling, if that’s what you need. Many couple relationships break before they can be fixed. That does not need to happen and can be avoided with solid couples counseling. As with anything of value in life, marriage must be cared for or it deteriorates and eventually dies. A couples relationship is a living entity. Many people who marry approach it like it is only a status in life, a position or title that once conferred, is permanent. Take it from this marriage counselor, that is a deadly myth that can lead to marriage misery and even divorce. I’ve worked with many marriages that began dying on their wedding day because of this way of thinking.

Marriage is only as good as the quality of life of its participants. Like the people who marry, if they do not take good care of themselves personally, they die. So too a marriage: neglect it and it will weaken until it evaporates.  There’s a better way and marriage and family therapist, Dr. Anderson, can show you how.

To fix your marriage before it breaks, you start with at least its bare minimum needs that have to be addressed to keep marriage healthy. I summarize the essential needs of relationship or marriage as the “Three T’s” Touch, Talk and Time. Physical touching, the positive feel good kind. Talking about what’s going on with each person to each other, not about third topics like the kids, mother-in-laws or the bills. And of course the Time to do these first two things. And this must be prime, top ranked time that nothing else interrupts.

Oh, and the essential Fourth “T”: the Three T’s must be done Regularly; weekly is best. Okay. It’s an “R” not a “T”.  A good marriage and family counselor or coach can also help.

Many people, especially men, are reluctant to use counseling.  To be sure, counseling is not for everyone.  If you do decide to at least try out some relationship or family counseling, keep these “how to” suggestions in mind:
1.Talk with your counselor about your hesitation to use counseling.
2.Take it a few sessions at a time. Don’t commit to an indefinite course of marriage or family therapy.
3. At the end of the time you agreed to do counseling, do a review and evaluation with your counselor and others involved (your spouse or kids) and see what the consensus is as to the progress  made.
4. Be realistic. Set goals that are achievable and not utopian in nature. Changes in marriages and relationships happen over time. They grow into existence rather than pop into existence by a magic wand in the hands of your counselor.
5. If it makes sense to do so, take the next series of sessions with measurable goals in mind. Repeat this process until an agreed upon ending is reached.

Marriage and family counseling is being increasingly used by Kansas City schools, parents and spouses because it works to solve problems quickly and return people to full functioning lives.

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